Classroom Culture Faculty of Law.

Miguel Olmedo Cardenete, Director
Dean of faculty of law

 Eva Velazquez Valverde, Coordinator

 Was Born in Granada January 26 1956, she holds a Diploma in Teaching -specialty english-, has completed studies in the Bachelor's Degree in Spanish Philology -Portuguese language-, Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature, and Fine Arts at the University of Granada Technical Protocol and Institutional Relations, Master in Marketing and Business Management at the College of Marketing studies of Madrid (ESSEM) and Master of Business Administration and Management in the College of marketing and administration of Barcelona (ESMA). Taquimecanografa. belongs to the University of Granada as responsible for equipment with destination in the Faculty of Law since its inception coordinates the Classroom culture of this Faculty.

Eva Velazquez is multidisciplinary: writer, poet, actress, painter and a choir member, and a faithful defender of the freedom and the goodness of the individual - the fight and works toward the dissemination of the culture for years, trying to bring it to all the social strata.

Part of s or literary and pictorial has been awarded in various competitions including: First Prize of Poetry "Huerta San Vicente García Lorca" by the laughter of a fool , First Prize of erotic Story Radio Granada by spirit of making a dream come true: (http://evavelazquez.blogspot.com.es/p/relatos-y-microrrelatos.html);
First Prize Short Story Las Vegas of the Genil  by My grandmother Ana ;  Prize Eliterae Erotic Story by the Grand Couturier , First Prize for poetry AGEF Awakenings (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-u9H5Vqz9CM) ,
 First Prize poetry 50th anniversary fd. Pharmacy by with your eyes closed (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj_oMCemh5I) ,
First Prize Short Story 50 anniversary fd. Pharmacy by Never after death , special mention in stories “Ideal” daily by the interview ,
First Prize for poetry in Cadena Ser, St Valentine's Day

Second prize painting 50 anniversary fd. Pharmacy by The bathrooms of the Queen , etc. ,
 His work has been translated into several languages (Portuguese, English and Arabic) and musicalized some of their poems by Belinda Ribera group:

- the laughter of the loco :
 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hzj9u7dvIk ; and some that are taking place.
As a choir member, it has belonged to  several choirs from Granada: Chorus of voices white of  “El Carmelo”, Corooficial of the Royal Chapel, the Choir School of Fine Arts, Choir Omnes Populi- Jeunesses Musicales and Orfeón of Granada, founder and member of the group musical poetic “Tal como somos y Rubato. et Poême


 Its  extensive cultural and artistic activity has allowed her  to be in contact with the most relevant authors of contemporary literature and acted in the most emblematic sites in
Granada and Oporto (city to which her bond large literary and of friendship) .

She is currently integrated in the most important literary circles and artiscos of our city. Director of the Theater Company of “salon”

”(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R02jxwZLAcE&NR=1&feature=endscreen), she is also a director of the Cultural Group Verse Vivace.

More detal on his blogs.

Phone contact: 958 24 10 00 / ext 20266.
Merchandising: Alicia lara Clares
Social Networks: Ricardo Rodriguez Tables and Alicia Lara Clares
Resources Human, Collection of authors, selection of texts: Eva Velazquez Valverde.
Computer Protocol: Arais Ramos la Rosa, Yago Payo Velázquez, Alicia Lara Clares, Marhta Guijarro González, Pilar Bueno, Paqui Segura and Maribel Martin


- Instrumentation: María Dolores Cisneros (coordinator).
- Ricardo Rodriguez Cuadros (sax, piano and accordion).
 - Maria del Mar Ortiz Otero (piano, composer)
- Juan Antonio Moreno Lopez (Oboe)
- Vera Zurfluh (accordion)
- Juan Carmona (double bass)
-Antonio Camarero pareja (piano)
- Barbara Arredondo (trumpet)

- Vocal: María Dolores Cisneros (Director of the Choir of the Faculty of Law)
- Paqui Ruisi
- Barbara Arredondo Genaro
- Maria Dolores Beas Cobo
- Bethlehem Lopez Navarro
- Elizabeth Morales Sanchez
- Lidia alsaka Molero
- Eva Velazquez Valverde
- Carmen Estudillo Sources
- Vera Zurfluh
- Maria Teresa Ariza
- Carlos Lizana Lizana
- Juan Carmona

- Miguel Mesa Molina
- Ricardo -Rodriguez  Cuadros
- Pablo Garcia Muñoz
- Antonio Camarero Pareja
- Ignacio Rejon Linares

 Collaborators of the Classroom Culture

" Pianissimo rubato "

(Choir director and instruments)

Was Born in Arjona (Jaén) in 1981, studied piano at the Conservatory Superior of Cordoba and Granada with Maria Encarnación Reina and J. J. Perez Torrecillas. she is a Senior Lecturer in music notation, Music Theory, transposition and accompaniment and Senior Lecturer in Piano,
simultaneously conducted studies in Musicology at the University of Granada where is licensed in History and Science of Music and Art History.

Has received and taught numerous courses of specialization in interpretation piano, chamber music, musicology and musical analysis and choral in Spain and several European cities.

As a performer, has been involved in numerous concerts as accompanying pianist and since 2001 he carried out an intense activity in the coral group of camera Cantate Domino and Orfeón of Granada.

Since the academic year 2005-2006 occupies a chair of Professor of accompaniment in the Conservatorio Superior de Música in Granada and is currently undertaking her Phd at the University of Granada, which he combines with his teaching work, interpretative and researcher.


From Málaga. He begins his musical studies in Youth Band Music " Miraflores-Gibraljaire ".

 Foremost among its professors to Antonio Lozano and Joaquin Osca and has received improvement classes of fagotistas of the stature of Javier Arago, Enrique Abargues, and Sergio Azzolini, among others.

 Has worked with orchestras such as the Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra, Orquesta de Córdoba, Royal Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra of Seville city of Granada, and has been a member of the Symphony Orchestra "City of the Alhambra" from Granada and the Provincial Symphony Orchestra of Malaga and the Youth Orchestra of Andalusia.

 In parallel, has completed university studies at the University of Granada, being Master in music education and a Bachelor's Degree in History and Science of Music.
At present he is a professor of bassoon in the Conservatorio Superior de Música "Victoria Eugenia" of Granada.

Eva Velazquez Valverde
directs and coordinates the film showings followed
( Coordinator of the Classroom culture)
M. Isabel Martin Pelegrina
Born in Las Alpujarras, Maribel is Diploma in Teaching. a Bachelor's Degree in History of Art and a Masters Degree in speech and language disorders. Postgraduate studies in early childhood education, a writer and poet.

                                       Paqui Segura
 A graduate in Management
Writer and poet

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